Cold Sore Season Ahead

Dr. John Luther

Dr. John Luther, D.D.S. & Founder

December 16, 2014

Cold sore season is fast approaching.

image of cold sore
Cold Sore Blister on Lip – courtesy of gophoto.us

As you may know, cold sores are extremely contagious.

More than 85% of the American population is infected with the contagious virus that causes cold sores, and with 40% of the population suffering from recurrent, painful cold sore outbreaks, the coming season is often viewed with trepidation.

Besides being painful and unsightly, cold sores are the leading cause of non-impact blindness in the U.S.  Keratitis results from touching the cold sore and then simply touching the eye.

Sporting an oozing cold sore can also be dangerous around newborn babies because they have weakened immune systems.

But we have good news!

We now carry Viroxyn Professional Use (R) Cold Sore Treatment that reduces healing time to 3 days and takes the pain away in one hour – all this with only one dose! This is twice as effective as the leading Over-The-Counter (OTC) medication that requires multiple applications of touching the cold sore with your bare finger.  But you can’t get Viroxyn Professional Use (R) Cold Sore Treatment at your local pharmacy…this OTC medication is sold exclusively in dental and dermatological offices.

While most topical cold sore products are little more than a balm, Viroxyn Professional Use (R) medication is housed in a unique patented non-touch delivery system that allows it to actually penetrate the skin, where it can dissolve the lipid layer around the virus, thus inactivating it on contact.

Healing begins immediately.

Cold sores are caused by a virus under the surface of your skin.

As the virus spreads to other healthy cells, your body’s immune system responds by attacking it.  Then, fluids that contain the virus are pushed up and out, creating a crusted blister (which houses more of the virus). Since the virus is highly contagious, it can be easily spread through multiple forms of contact – including touching, kissing or using the same washcloths.

While the virus is contagious during its entire active cycle (from initial tingling to formation of hard scab), it is most dangerous when the blister is open and oozing.

Some other conditions resulting from making contact with a cold sore outbreak include Encephalitis and Keratitis.

Viroxyn Professional Use (R) can help stop outbreaks fast, reducing the risk of infecting others.

If you suffer from painful, unsightly cold sores and want both relief and freedom from spreading your cold sore to family, friends and co-workers,  talk to Dr. Luther today about Viroxyn Professional Use (R) Cold Sore Treatment

 Contact us today if you are suffering from a cold sore.

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