We Love Hearing Your Testimonials!

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Timbercrest Dental was a great choice for me and my family’s dental needs. I was referred to Dr. Luther’s office for some emergency dental work when I was new to the Fox River Valley. I liked his pain-free dentistry so much, I started to use his office exclusively for my dental needs.

– Joe

It’s always so hard to find a great dentist, so when I moved to North Carolina, I knew I would still come back to Appleton to see Dr. Luther when I am due for my checkup. He’s the best.

– Cathy

Every time I come in, everyone is always so warm, nice and professional; from the time I step through the front door with a “hello” from Shirley or Chris, to Dr. Luther’s gentle touch in the chair. I have no complaints.

– Dave

When I first met Dr. Luther, I had a lot of dental problems that needed addressing. When my treatment was complete, in general my whole body felt so much better. He’s an artist; I didn’t realize how much detail is put into the design of fillings and crowns. I am going to recommend Dr. Luther to anyone that is in need of a dentist.

– Brian

I’m always so impressed with how much attention I receive when I come in for my checkups. Everyone in Dr. Luther’s office is always very personable, spending the time educating me until I understand it. I don’t feel like I’m a number or that they’re trying to rush me in and out the door. Other offices should take personable and communication skills from Dr. Luther’s staff.

– Barb

The last clinic I went to, my procedure always took so long because the dentist and the hygienist always left the room many times to treat other patients. At Dr. Luther’s, once it’s my appointment time, he concentrates on me and my treatment. Dr. Luther does a good job.

– John

My daughter is currently in orthodontics, and it was recommended by her orthodontist to have minor cosmetic work completed to a few front teeth to correct peg laterals. My daughter and I were very impressed and confident with Dr. Luther throughout the whole process, from the initial complimentary consult to the final result. Her Lumineers look so natural and real. We are very pleased with Dr. Luther. We would recommend him to everyone!

– Ann

I used to avoid anesthetic when I got treated because I thought the needle hurt more than the work did. Dr. Luther reassured me that the anesthetic techniques have changed, and I should reconsider. He was absolutely right! I couldn’t feel anything during the shot. Dr. Luther does an excellent job and take his time when giving Novocaine.

– Tina

I avoided the dentist for so long because something about the dentist scared the hell out of me. I initially needed to be sedated with a pill, take the laughing gas, the ‘works,’ when treatment was recommended. But because Dr. Luther explains everything in great detail and makes you understand everything before anything is done, he puts you at ease, and treatment is a ‘piece of cake.’ Now, I don’t require any sedation, and I can get a good night sleep the night before my appointment because I know my appointment will go smoothly. Dr. Luther does a great job.

– Jim

When my dentist retired 2 years ago, unfortunately it took 3 different dentists that I visited until I found someone like Dr. Luther. He is so thorough! I never had an initial exam like what he provided, and I felt like I wasn’t pushed in and out of the front door like some other clinics. He took all the time in the world with me, answering my questions until I felt comfortable with things. I’m glad I found him, and I’m confident that he’ll be my dentist until he retires….Hopefully not for awhile.

– Kathie