Dr. John Luther

Dr. John Luther, D.D.S. & Founder

April 25, 2011

I am very happy to announce that Timbercrest Dental Center, S.C. finally got the necessary land to start the detailed process of building a new, stand-alone, state-of-the-art office with all the latest equipment and technology.  We will be conveniently located about a block and a half North off of Highway 41, directly on N. Richmond Street, at the northeast corner of Richmond and Evergreen.  We hope to start digging a foundation in about 4 weeks….while in the meantime, finalizing the floor plan and picking out colors and details to the exterior and interior design.  Our practice growth is expanding quicker than the space we currently have, and our current office is just plain OLD!  Even though we are physically increasing the size of our new office to almost three times the size of our current office, we will still have that smaller office feel…always greeting you with a smile as you come and go, where everyone will know your name, striving to treat you as an individual, providing you with the highest quality dental care at an unhurried pace.

We hope to be moved in and ready to treat you with the utmost care by September 2011.  I hope to update this page frequently with photos of the building progression of our new office….VERY EXCITING!!  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post your comments here or to give us a call.

If you are a potential new patient who wants to join our family, or just have additional questions, feel free to call us at 920-659-6025.  Thank you always for your continuous support and trust!!

Sincerely, John Luther, DDS


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