Children and Sealants Appleton, WI

Improve their oral health.

A Child’s First Visit

Before bringing your child to our Appleton office for the first time, please prepare him or her for this new experience. For very young children, there are excellent children’s stories that describe a visit to the dentist. Please discuss the positive aspects of dentistry with your child. Convey good feelings to your child about dental visits being a part of growing up. Please do not say, “The dentist will not hurt you.” Instead, say, “The dentist is going to show you lots of new and fun things to make your teeth sparkle and help you to have a prettier smile.”
Morning appointments for little ones are best because they are most refreshed and most accepting of new experiences. Expect your child to react well and enjoy the first visit to our office, and chances are he or she will do exactly that. As well as preparing your child for that important first visit, we must be thoroughly prepared for providing the best possible care for your child. Please be candid in providing us with all information pertinent to your child’s dental, medical, and social situation.

What is the Process for Sealants?

Dr. Luther cleans and rinses the tooth surface to make sure that it is free of any decay. Then a special cleansing liquid is rubbed on the tooth and washed away. Finally, a seal is applied, usually on the chewing surface of the back teeth until it hardens. The procedure is pain-free and takes about five minutes per tooth.
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Who is a Good Candidate for the Sealants?

PAnyone who is at a high risk for dental decay should consider sealants. In general, children are good candidates for sealants as long as they are applied before their teeth have a chance to decay.

Adults can also take advantage of sealants to prevent decay.