Complete Dental Exams in Appleton, WI

We provide thorough and personal exams,  teeth cleaning, screening for disease, and valuable oral hygiene instruction.

More Than Just Teeth Cleaning

Regardless if it’s been 6 months or 20 years, you will always receive a complete personable exam at our dental office in Appleton, WI. You can expect it either at your periodic 6-month teeth cleaning or through a new patient comprehensive exam. It will include the following:
  • Any necessary radiographs (x-rays)
  • Oral and neck cancer screening
  • Gum screening for gingivitis and /or gum disease
  • Tooth examination
  • Oral hygiene instruction that can help you improve your own prevention at home.

After a thorough study of our findings, we will prepare a treatment plan for your recommended dental needs.

Oral Cancer Prevention

Oral cancer is one of the most curable diseases when it is caught early. And that is why a simple exam is provided complimentary every time you present for your routine cleaning.

When oral cancer is found at the earliest stage, treatment is quicker, simpler, less invasive, and more than 90% successful.

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Intraoral Camera – See What Dr. Luther Sees!

The intraoral camera is a valuable new tool for dentistry. All patient exams in our office are performed with the intraoral camera, allowing you as the patient to view your teeth and identify any problem areas. It is the size of a dental mirror and enables us to diagnose problems under extreme zoom magnification in their earliest stages, such as:

  • Cavities
  • Cracked teeth
  • Broken fillings
  • Cavities next to old fillings
  • Tartar and plaque


Dental Sterilization
Dr. Luther shares your concern about the spread of disease and works hard to safeguard himself, his staff, and – most importantly – his patients against infection.

When you visit our dental office in Appleton, WI, you will see a clean office carefully maintained by a well-trained staff. Our dental team will always wear gloves, eye protection, and complete protective wear during each procedure. After each patient, they discard those gloves, wash and disinfect their hands and put on a new pair of gloves. You, as a patient, will also receive sunglasses during any procedure to help protect your eyes.

Your protection starts long before you ever enter the treatment room. Here are a few of the things that you don’t see: All surfaces are cleaned and disinfected; staff members sterilize all instruments after their use and dispose of anything that is potentially infectious.

Dr. Luther and his staff want you to know that your protection, care, and comfort are our top priorities. That is why we meet or exceed the highest infection control standards.