Dental Implants in Appleton, WI

If you are missing teeth due to accidents,
decay or gum disease, we can permanently
replace them with dental implants.

Life-Like Dental Implants

Implant dentistry has made significant progress in recent years. Now implants are a great alternative to bridgework or partial dentures. Even full dentures can be augmented or totally replaced by dental implants. Our dental office in Appleton, WI, works with a specialized laboratory that creates life-like implant tooth replacements.

Dental Implants Look and Feel Like Natural Teeth

Dental implants are small prosthetic posts that are embedded into the bone of the patient’s jaw. They replace the roots of the lost natural teeth and also serve as an anchor for replacement teeth. They are the equivalent to having a hip or knee replacement. Dental implants look and feel exactly like natural teeth; most people (aside from your dentist) will not be able to tell the difference. Dental implants are used to replace single teeth, support small bridges, or to support removable complete and partial dentures.




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Dental Implants are for Almost Everyone

Dental implants are appropriate for almost anyone who is in reasonable good health and is currently missing teeth, or is at risk of losing teeth. Implants are patient and site specific, meaning that you must have enough bone in the area of treatment (area of the missing teeth) to provide for the anchorage of the implants.
“Timbercrest Dental was a great choice for me and my family’s dental needs. I was referred to Dr. Luther’s office for some emergency dental work when I was new to the Fox River Valley. I liked his pain-free dentistry so much, I started to use his office exclusively for my dental needs.”

 – Joe