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Eat These Foods To Promote Healthy Teeth

Dr. John Luther

Dr. John Luther, D.D.S. & Founder

Sep 3, 2013

We love top ten lists…and here’s one highlighting foods beneficial to your teeth.

Can you guess which food is most beneficial to your teeth?

10.  Water…not only the gift of life, but also helps to wash away trapped food particles and hydrate your gums

9.   Proteins (like beef, chicken, eggs and turkey) are rich in phosphorous.  Calcium combines with phosphorous and Vitamin D to produce our teeth and bones, so make sure you get enough to keep yours healthy and reduce cavities.

8.   Sesame seeds help dissolve plaque and build tooth enamel.  Sesame seeds are rich in calcium, which you need to produce healthy bones and teeth.

7.   Celery, when eaten raw helps massage your gums and helps clean your teeth.  Celery also helps create more saliva which neutralizes the bacteria that causes cavities.

6.   Onions contain powerful anti-bacterial sulphur  compounds, which kill harmful bacteria on your teeth and gums.

5.   Vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, sweet potato and pumpkin are rich in Vitamin A – the source of tooth enamel.  Eaten raw these foods also massage your gums and clean teeth.Eat oranges and other foods to promote health teeth | Timbercrest Dental Center, Appleton WI

4.   Fruit is especially great when eaten raw, in whole form.  Fruit keeps down plaque and massages your gums.  Choose fruits rich in Vitamin C for healthy gums (people who are low in Vitamin C generally have gums that feel tender and are more susceptible to gum disease.

3.   Cheese is high in phosphate and calcium, which promotes healthy teeth.  It also balances the pH in your mouth, produces more saliva, rebuilds tooth enamel and helps kill the bacteria responsible for cavities and gum disease.

2.   Other Dairy Products, like milk and yogurt are low in acidity and sugar. Milk is rich in calcium, which means stronger teeth and bones.

1.   The number one food for your teeth is green tea.  Green tea has natural antioxidant compounds that prevent plaque from accumulating, which means fewer cavities and fresher breath.  Some green teas also contain fluoride, which helps fight tooth decay. Remember though, green teas contain tannin, which can slightly stain your teeth, so make sure to brush well after drinking to prevent surface staining. Check your label before you buy.

Better food choices mean healthier teeth.

(Excerpted from dental.net 7-2010)

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