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Does Your Partner’s Snoring Keep You Awake?

Dr. John Luther

Dr. John Luther, D.D.S. & Founder

Jun 26, 2013

sleep apnea and snoring appliance by Timbercrest Dental Center in Appleton, WIIf your partner snores, you can now get a better night’s sleep.

Dr. Luther recently received extensive training with snore/obstructive sleep apnea appliances. And the good news is…

Yes, there is hope for the snorer’s partner. No more sleeping on the sofa or in another room and no more elbowing your partner awake.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine now recommends an oral appliance as a front line of treatment for snoring and sleep apnea; and in cases where a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) has not been well tolerated. 

The oral appliance fits entirely inside the mouth, they are portable, don’t use electricity or make noise and allow the wearer to change positions during sleep. 

It looks similar to an orthodontic retainer.  The custom made oral appliance works by opening the bite and gently advancing the mandible (or jaw) with elastic straps to increase airway space.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a debilitating sleep-related breathing disorder defined as the cessation of breathing for 10 seconds or more; it afflicts more than 40 million Americans. Untreated, it can lead to heart disease, stroke or excessive daytime sleepiness. 

This is what happens: during sleep the body’s muscles relax causing the soft tissues of the airway to collapse, obstructing the airway.  The body reacts to the closure of the airway by disrupting deep sleep enough to start breathing again, but deprives the sufferer of getting a “good night’s sleep.”

OSA afflicts more than 40 million Americans, and left untreated can lead to heart disease, strokes and excessive daytime sleepiness. 

Roughly 80 million Americans snore.  (Snoring is a sign of restricted airflow and impeded breathing during sleep.)  If your partner snores, you’re already aware it can affect the quality of your sleep; but it can also result in excessive daytime sleepiness of your partner and diminish the quality of life for both of you.

Call today (920-734-9148) for an appointment at our Appleton dental office to discuss the possibility of getting your custom made OSA/snore oral appliance to help you or your partner get a better night’s sleep!


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