Baby Teeth Tips

Baby teeth start to come in at around six months of age and your child should have all 20 baby teeth between age two and three.   Teething Tips When teeth start to erupt, some babies may have sore or tender gums. Rubbing the gums with a clean gauze or finger...

Real Talk on Oral Hygiene

    Although your dentist has the delicate task of taking care of your mouth and monitoring your oral health, most of what will be done in your life to maintain your smile comes down to oral hygiene. It’s true that oral hygiene can be confusing with lots of...

To our Dental Family:

We're happy to announce that Timbercrest Dental Center is open and fully operational at this time. We are closely monitoring and following the guidelines of our local, state, and federal health officials, and have implemented numerous safety measures to protect the health of our patients and staff. Your wellbeing is our top priority! We welcome patients to contact us with questions, schedule an appointment, or reach out for emergency care.