Health Risks of Poor Oral Hygiene

Importance of Oral Hygiene Timbercrest Dental Center   Question? What is one of our favorite things to write about on this blog? If you answered oral hygiene, then you’re right! Other acceptable answers include general dentistry, animals, and Broadway musicals...

Oral Care for Pets

Anybody who has pets know that they are a member of the family. You grow accustomed to their personality and behaviors as much as any other person beneath your roof. Along with providing love and safety, you strive to provide for all of their needs and take care of...

To our Dental Family:

We're happy to announce that Timbercrest Dental Center is open and fully operational at this time. We are closely monitoring and following the guidelines of our local, state, and federal health officials, and have implemented numerous safety measures to protect the health of our patients and staff. Your wellbeing is our top priority! We welcome patients to contact us with questions, schedule an appointment, or reach out for emergency care.